What If Your Primary Care Physician Says No to Chiropractic Care?

March 20, 2018 0

Painful recurring headaches are usually treated by physicians with prescribed medications. Sometimes these prescriptions are unnecessary, and most physicians would discourage you from considering chiropractic care.

There has always been a great divide between conventional medicine and chiropractic care. Some primary care physicians would insist that chiropractors are merely glorified, masseuses. But recently, more and more primary care physicians are realizing the benefits of chiropractic care, but if you’re stuck with an old school doctor, you might need to consider other options.

There is a lot of information on the internet pertaining to chiropractic care, and all it takes is a quick internet search for “chiropractic benefits”. There are a ton of websites of chiropractors who list their background and professional experience, as well as reviews and feedback from people who have found relief from this type of treatment just like. Some of these online tools to search for chiropractors in your area are Yelp, Google, Facebook  and more.

But why some primary care physicians are against chiropractic care?

Primarily, it’s about profits. Chiropractic care takes away patients from conventional medical care. Profits that are already hard to come by, since state aids are paying less leading to private practices earning less. Seeking chiropractic care means shifting patients which equate to lower profits for medical providers.

A lot of primary care physicians also simply do not believe that chiropractic care works, with no invasive surgeries and medications, it seems mind-boggling how it can be a beneficial option for pain relief. Chiropractic care doesn’t just provide natural relief, it addresses the source of the pain rather than “patching it up” with medications.

You are always free to seek out chiropractic care, regardless of what your primary care physician may say. He should even be supportive of your decision. Your best interest should always be the primary concern of your doctor, and natural means to address pain involves minimal risk.

If you are interested in seeking out a natural way to relieve your pains, you can just turn to your local phone book, or do an internet search for a good chiropractor in your area, available at your convenience. If you’re located anywhere around our offices in Bellevue, Federal Way or Lakewood, visit us or call (800)-719-4124    to set up an appointment with us.



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