I had an amazing experience at this office! The staff was friendly and welcoming from the moment I walked in. The chiropractic adjustments and massage were exceptionally effective for my joints and muscle pain and my motion range improved drastically. I also tried their laser therapy, which was new experience for me. It was quick, painless, and really helped with pain. Overall, I recommend this chiropractic office to anyone looking for effective care. The range of treatments they offer is impressive, and the staff is fantastic. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Sana G

The people are really nice and helped me so much after my car accident. Nice, peaceful, atmosphere and easy to deal with, they never keep you waiting. I did not want to have to come here but they made it as painless as possible.

Rosalee York

Super clean, all staff are super polite and patient, and many treatments are available. I got into a car accident couple months prior and since then my condition is normal again if not better after going here. The massage is also amazing and really works especially for tender and sore areas. highly recommend!

Samantha Kim

Best deep tissue massage that I ever got.

Nikhil Deva

Everyone is so nice and caring. I look forward to seeing everyone. Big shout out to Kenny and Theo. They are both so welcoming and calming. I was a bit worried my first visit and Kenny calmed me down so effortlessly. I had a recheck and have troubles communicating sometimes but Theo was able to understand me as I was struggling to explain.

AJ Lamb

Very welcoming staffs and doctors. My minor muscle pains from a recent car accident got much better after getting adjustments here. Highly recommend this place!

Hermie Choi

Lovely atmosphere! The staff is all very friendly and kind. They are so friendly and kind I am pretty sure this is the best experience as a customer I have had! They go above and beyond in everything. The have all a chiropractor ever needs and more. I feel like I can stand straighter than before. It was great for recovery for after my car crash.

Mikaila Bell

I’ve only been a patient for a couple weeks but I will forever recommend this clinic! The environment is just peaceful, friendly and overall amazing. By my second visit I was already being greeted by name and smiling faces 🙂

Amelia Disotell

My husband was recently involved in an accident. He injured his neck and back. He is very satisfied and happy with the treatment with CWC. They are attentive and care about their patients.

Paige Lee

I love Dr. Sean and team's care and attentiveness to their patients' needs! It has been great receiving chiropractic services that are both healing and preventative and I have been enjoying the results already.

Naomi Brydo