Personal Injury Cases: How Long Should You File Claim?

November 2, 2018 0

Personal Injury claimant must remember that every state has laws that define the time limit for filing cases in court – these are called the “Statute of Limitations.” This time limit usually cannot be extended, and neither courts are given the authority to do so. However, an exception to the rule may be considered if the personal injury has no way to be discovered in earlier time.

The statute of Limitations in WA State for Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury claims must be filed according to Washington’s Statute of Limitations. These limitations are as follows:

  1. For personal injury claims, the injured party has three years to file a claim against the defendant for negligent behavior that caused injuries or wrongful death from preventable accidents such as car crashes and slip and fall accidents. There is an exception made if the injured party was a minor child who may be granted a statute of limitations three years from their 18th birthday.
  2. For medical malpractice, the injured person has three years from the date of the physician’s act or omission or one year from the date that the injury should have reasonably been discovered or whichever date is later (known as the discovery rule). No medical malpractice claim may be brought more than eight years after the act or omission. (Source: The Tinker Law Firm)


How Our Chiropractors Help You File Your Claim

  1. Detailed Documentation – For personal injury claim to be accepted, the claimant will need to provide documentation or proofs that he/she have received medical treatments accordingly. Chiropractors in their standard procedure can provide the patient with complete and proper documentation; from how personal injuries were obtained, to how it was sustained and the treatments given to address the issues.
  2. In Partnership with Insurance Companies or Personal Injury Attorneys – Chiropractors who are experienced in personal injury cases can help in making sure that patients are not paying out of their pockets for treatments and other medical expenses. With referrals to experienced attorneys, patients will surely receive the correct amount of compensation for the acquired personal injury.
  3. Leads to a More Timely Claims – Personal injuries may not become instantly visible after the accident. However, getting a quick medical examination from a chiropractor can be an advantage as internal injuries may be determined immediately, preventing delays in acquiring treatments and complete healing. Personal injury claims, in this case, will then be filed immediately.

Chiropractic Care, aside from being the most effective treatment for personal injuries, can also become very beneficial if you’ll ever need to file for Personal Injury Case Claim.

If you’re seeking help from certified personal injury chiropractors, Blue Spring Chiropractic have clinics located in Bellevue, Federal Way and Lakewood, WA. You can reach us by calling 800-719-4124 to book your appointments. Our friendly staffs and doctors are always ready to assist you.

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