Dealing with Neck and Back Pain after a Car Accident

September 12, 2018 0

Neck and back pains are two of the common car accident injury complained by most people who have recently gotten into a car accident.

Neck pain and back pain are deemed insignificant after a car accident as it is just common among people who have been into a strenuous and forceful activity. However, amidst this misconception, no matter how minor these injuries may seem, patients should never neglect the possibility of getting a long term injury or damage in the body caused by the accident that often starts with these types of “minor” pains.

How Long Will the Neck and Back Pain Last?

Neck and back pains, depending on the severity of the accident, can be felt immediately after the impact. In general, injuries in the body especially in the neck are caused by the jerking motion – the forceful backwards and forwards on the neck during the accident.

Pains as a result can last for a few days up to several months. In some cases of serious accidents, neck and back pains becomes permanent and requires much medical attention, regular treatments and therapeutic activities to relieve it.

Assumed minor, initial treatments to neck and back pains after a car accident often includes performing massages, regular thumping on the affected area, and some, uses pain-relievers for immediate relief.
Regardless of how patient gets quick relief, it should be kept in mind to never push the body too much. An activity to possibly treat the neck and back pains which causes a more pains being felt and strains the body should be stopped immediately. This unscientific and not medically supervised treatments can just lead to pains being persistent.

Seek for a Chiropractors’ Advice

Acquiring a proper diagnosis from a chiropractor can be a great help. Patients should then provide a detailed information about the accident, how did it happened, the pain felt after and the locations it occurs – never limit information to just the neck and back pains. Chiropractic treatment is proven to have significant effect in treating injuries, especially those that are caused by car accidents.

If you live near Bellevue, Federal Way and Lakewood, WA, WA and seeking for Chiropractors to properly diagnose your car accident injury, you can reach us by calling 800-719-4124 to book your appointments. We are always ready to assist you and help you relieve your pain.

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