Back Pain

Back Pain

The symptoms of back pain are usually show a dull, persistent or unexpected sharp pain. The discomfort could keep going for some period of time or it may even be felt for more than 3 months. The symptoms may be felt on the upper or lower back.

If ever you’re experiencing terrible back pain and it has been an agony for longer than 3 days, it would be advisable to seek attention immediately. Our Chiropractors and licensed therapists are available to serve you at our 3 locations, Bellevue, Lakewood and Federal Way. We offer unrivaled treatments that may help you improve and totally get better without the issues of standard cures like physician recommended drugs and surgical treatment.  Contact us to consult about your back pain and request an appointment with us today!

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Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is also called middle back pain or thoracic pain. It is generally felt in the zone underneath the neck and including the waist or lower back.  The upper back is part of the thoracic (chest) portion of the spine. The indications and signs typically incorporate issues in the upper back, muscular spasms, breathing discomforts, pain or distress when moving or when your back is touched, and soreness every time you move your shoulders and also bend your neck forward.

Most of the factors that may cause pain in your upper back could usually vary in different ways. Generally, muscle issues are the most well-known reason for your upper back problems. Some of the causes are improper posture, emotional strain or stress, wrong lifting, accidental injury, diaphragm tightness, standing for a long period of time, wrong sleeping position, aging, too much consumption of sugar and carbs, muscle strains and overexertion.Pain in the upper is not as common as it is in the lower back for the reason that the bones in this area of the back don’t bend or move as much as the bones in your back.

Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is quite common among people. The area by which your own body bears almost all of the body weight can be found on your lower back. Signs and symptoms may vary from muscle ache to shooting or even stabbing pain, decreased mobility and/or flexibility, or even-even difficulties to stand straightly. Sometimes, the pain may radiate elsewhere in your body.
Wrong lifting, too much weight and also poor posture are examples of the causes why exactly people experience low back pain. It may be continual and also intolerable if kept with no treatment.