Chiropractic Treatment vs Massage Therapy

September 28, 2018 0

Chiropractic treatment and massage therapy are often looked like the same treatment that aims at treating musculoskeletal illnesses and improving the mobility of the patient. While these two uses both the hands, there are still a wide array of differences that we should get ourselves familiar with to get the idea of what treatment we shall have based on certain conditions.

There are three main points we can look at to help us differentiate chiropractic treatment from massage therapy according to an article written by Your Zen Life: (1) Healthcare Provider, (2) Nature of Therapy, and (3) the Clients.


The Healthcare Provider

Chiropractors and massage therapist may differ primarily on the fact that chiropractors may have more extensive training and education than a massage therapist. Chiropractors are considered medical practitioners in the field because of the educational courses they undergo – similar to a doctorate degree which takes longer and requires several exams and certifications. Massage therapist, on the other hand, may only require a specific number of hours in education and training for the therapist to perform the practice.


The Nature of Therapy

In a chiropractic treatment where chiropractic adjustments are necessary, a highly skilled and precise movement is then applied by hand to a specific joint in your body. This kind of manipulation will help loosen the joint and restore its proper movement and function. Chiropractic adjustments are performed to treat joints, misaligned spines, and prioritizes healing of the nervous system. Read on how chiropractic adjustment works: cwcme.com/how-chiropractic-adjustment-works

Massage therapy comes with lighter routines to manipulate tensed soft muscle tissues and tendons. It primarily relaxes tight muscles and enhances blood circulation in the body. Often, messages are performed to get away from stress and anxiety.


The Clients

Different clientele type will be observed from the two practice. Chiropractic health providers cater to mostly clients suffering from a chronic neck and back pain, whiplash caused by a car accident, and personal injuries acquired from slips and fall. Massage therapist primarily caters clients who seek relaxation, to get a relief from troubled or tensed muscles.

Chiropractic and massages are the best if done in conjunction too. Massages can help relax or loosen up tense muscles and allow proper circulation of blood flow just before a chiropractic adjustment is performed. This way joints can move freely, eliminating possible body strains for the patient.

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