Chiropractic Care for Kyphosis

January 23, 2019 0

Chiropractic care has been proven effective in treating various illnesses related to spines and joints, as well as the underlying effects of malfunctions in these areas. The weakness of the spinal bones may result in several complications, among this is what medical practitioners call Kyphosis or commonly known as the “Hunchback”.

Kyphosis is mainly caused by bad posture, making the back move rounding forward. Kyphosis often affects older women who are suffering from osteoporosis which is primarily due to the weakness in the spinal bones causing them to compress or crack.

In addition to back pain, below are the common complications that come with Kyphosis:

  • Breathing problems, as the moving forward of the back, can put so much pressure on the lungs;
  • Limited physical function when back muscles are then overly weakened because of Kyphosis
  • Digestive problems while Kyphosis compresses the digestive tract
  • Bad body posture caused by rounded back

Kyphosis is treated in several ways. Chiropractic Care is the best treatment for Kyphosis if the patient will decide to undergo non-surgical methods to correct the “hunched back” posture. Chiropractors may apply a remedy to ease pain and stiffness of the spine and back replacing the necessity to use medicated drugs. Chiropractors can also make good advice on what helpful exercises a patient can perform to correct his/her posture.

Technically, Kyphosis roots from bad posture, only a few who were born with a hunched back. Chiropractic care being the best option for the treatment can be a lot cheaper than undergoing surgical treatments and even safer than taking drugs may it be medically prescribed or bought over-the-counter.

Our chiropractors have proven expertise in various spinal illnesses. Visit our offices in Bellevue, Federal Way and Lakewood, WA for a consultation or call our office at 800 719-4124 to book an appointment. Our doctors are always open to serve you. Start your treatment now!

Sample of how Chiropractic can change lives of patients with Kyphosis.

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