Are you “Cracking” Your Joints Safely?

July 23, 2018 0

A lot of people crack their joints habitually. They do it on their hands, knuckles, fingers, legs, toes, and even on their necks. Commonly, people do it to release pressure, tension and stresses — a quick relief in some ways.

But are we really doing the “cracking” correctly? Or is it even safe to crack those joints purposely on your own?

The Cracking and Popping

The cracking and popping sound are generally believed to be caused by the gases released as the joints are stretched during the process. According to Tim Jewell, “When you crack your neck or any joint in your body, the capsules around your joint are stretched. These capsules contain fluid, and stretching them allows the fluid to put less pressure on the joint”. Technically speaking, simple cracking and popping of your hands, knuckles and fingers does not put you at least in real danger.

How do You Crack Your Neck?

Twisting round and about your heads, bending left and right are the common ways to crack your neck. Although cracking is neither harmful nor dangerous even if done most of the time, cracking the neck can only get even safe if done by certified chiropractor.

The neck has a lot of nerves that if pinched, cracked or wrongly moved, may cause painful sensations; squeezed nerves can stop you from doing head and neck movements. Neck may become stiff.

Chiropractic Help

Discomfort and pain in the joints can really become very persistent — making it an obstruction to performing your regular routines. If the case permits, it is best to consult a doctor or chiropractor to seek advice.

Neck cracking performed by a chiropractor, based on researches can be so beneficial. According to the study conducted by Peter Miller and Alessandra Poggetti, “cracking” caused by the movements and chiropractic adjustments performed are often associated to being a “successful treatment”. It sends notion to the person treated that the adjustment is successful and by far serves as an aid to fast recovery. This sense makes chiropractic care therapeutic and effective.

If you are looking for help in dealing with the tension, pressure and hassle caused by irregularities in your joints, you can visit one of our clinics located in Bellevue, Federal Way and Lakewood, WA or call (800) 719-4124 to book for a CONSULTATION.

Our doctors at Blue Spring Chiropractic will take the time to examine and properly diagnose your condition. They will develop a treatment plan to help you regain your health and resolve your neck pain in no time.

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